Sales feedback on every single deal.
Win, Lose or Draw!

Every day, millions of dollars of time, energy & cost of sale are wasted by vendors all over the world. That didn't seem fair to us....so we built Trinity.

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Did you know?

Businesses with a comprehensive approach to Win-loss have seen up to 50% improvement in their win rates
Companies that consistently conduct Win-loss analysis can expect an 18% jump in their win rate
Over the last 12 months, Gartner has seen a five fold increase in inquiries from B2B technology providers about Win-loss analysis

It's time to stop guessing and find out the truth...

Discover why you’re winning and losing from the one source of truth that matters most: Your customers and prospects.
Candid, honest & unfiltered customer feedback
Quantitative and qualitative data and insights
Start to win more, lose less, avoid discounting & loss do-nothing outcomes
Tailor sales enablement and individual development needs at the rep and team level
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We optimise the business value of Win/Loss Analysis


Trinity gives Sales Leaders a huge edge

Increased forecast accuracy, consolidated and individual level
Trend analysis, supports quicker and more targeted enablement
Rep specific feedback, allows for personalised development and training
Access to new sources of competitive intelligence
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Trinity is a Sales Reps best friend

Increased quota achievement across the team
Reduced attrition due to non-performance or lack of earnings
Increased speed to revenue/ramp time for new hires
Easier to tailor sales enablement and individual development needs at the rep level
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Trinity provides value across the entire org

Increased sales win rates across the business
Reduced cost of sales, through better understanding of prior losses
Significantly reduce the risk of existing customer churn
Become easier to do business with, by removing invisible barriers and reducing friction
Improve key metrics, such as Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction
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Trinity also benefits your customers

Create a new closed feedback loop
Demonstrates commitment to improving and innovating
Ensures choice and variety when they come to market for a new provider
Speaks to the professionalism of the SLT and customer centricity
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